Photo Retouching Pricing

Complete Retouch

$5/per photo
Image Enhancement
Removal of facial shine
Skin blemishes
Whitening of teeth and eyes
Braces removal
Glass glare removal
Open / close eyes
Extend solid background
Solid background replacement

Complete Retouch Plus

$10/per photo
All Included in Complete Retouch
Change color of item
Background replacement
Add / remove people
Remove buildings, cars, etc.
Lens flare
Hot spots
Take off 10 years, 20 lbs, etc.
Anything not covered by Complete

Photo Restoration

$35/per photo
Scanned Photos / Photo of Photo
Repair all damage
Fix faded colors
Colorization / B&W
Rips / tears
Spots / dust
"One price FIX all!"

Digital Oil Painting

$35/per photo
Turn your photos into a piece of art!
"Hand painted" with digital brush
Perfect for canvas/large format upsells
May serve to transform a low resolution image into wall displayable format

Custom Items and Framed Products

(Price based on product)
Framed Picture
Phone Case