ImagenAI Photo Enhancement Software Review 2021

ImagenAI Photo Enhancement Software Review 2021
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ImagenAI Photo Enhancement Software Review 2021

ImagenAI promises to be your artificially intelligent personalised photo editing assistant. It makes editing decisions and learns your editing style to edit batches to match. It does this in a fraction of the time it would take to outsource the work to a picture editor. Aimed at high volume wedding photographers, ImagenAI could save days of editing with a claimed 4x productivity boost.

But can AI photo enhancement replicate the subtle nuance of human creativity and produce engaging, deliverable, professionally edited photos?

ImagenAI Logo with drop shadow

How Does ImagenAI Photo Editing Work?

The ImagenAI smart assistant is a stand-alone app. It ingests images from Lightroom catalogues and applies an editing profile. Then, it emails you when the edits are ready to download. ImagenAI provides several pre-determined editing styles. These ‘Talents’ are from professional photographers, each with their own unique look. They are built-in and can be used straight out of the box.

ImagenAI main interface window
The main ImagenAI interface window—from here, you can choose to teach the software, send photos for editing, download your completed edits, or fine-tune your editing profile

To teach the software your creative editing style, you have to feed it a minimum of 5,000 edited photos. All with a similar look. This can be a challenge for those who shoot across different genres as Lightroom itself cannot be open when you are doing this. Compressed versions of your photos are stored securely on Imagens servers as the AI analyses and learns your style. After a few days, you will receive an email saying ImagenAI is ready to edit on your behalf.

ImagenAI How to build the perfect profile

Who is the Software for?

ImagenAI is a time-saving tool for those who take a high number of photographs but do not want to spend long hours tethered to our machine after a shoot. Although intelligent, it will not cull your images – and with a pay per edit model, you will still need to work through your shots and rate them. You can then use the Image Filters section to send only your best photos for editing.

Even though it is a stand-alone desktop app, ImagenAI is only compatible with Adobe Lightroom Classic. Users will need an Adobe Cloud subscription to use it.

The cost per edit changes depending on how many photos you send per month. There is a minimum $7.00 monthly payment for maintaining each custom profile. If your edit costs are less than that, the difference will go towards edits the following month. If you have one colour and one black and white profile, you need to get a couple of hundred photos edited to use up the $14.00 you will be charged. Creator Pay-Per-Use ranges between 4¢ – 6¢ per month, and Pay-Per-Use ranges between 4¢ – 5¢ per month depending on the number of edits.

ImagenAI image send selection screen
You can choose which images from your catalogue to send by star rating, labels, flags and format

How is AI Editing Different to Using Lightroom Presets?

Lightroom presets can help speed up the editing process. Copying the altered parameters from previous edits and applying them to multiple photos makes for a great starting point. You then refine the changes to suit each picture to get your final edits.

AI editing works in almost the opposite way. It takes the look of the finished style, then changes the edit parameters to make the image match. This means the AI fixes any changes in the source images as it edits the shots.

On top of all that, when you have your final edits back, you can tweak the results and add the changes to your AI profile. This way, the software learns with you as your style and taste develop over time.

What Parameters Can ImagenAI Control?

  • White Balance—temperature, tint
  • Tone—exposure, contrast, highlights, shadows, whites, blacks
  • Presence—clarity, vibrance, saturation, texture, dehaze
  • Colours—hue, saturation, luminance
  • Advanced Options—straighten, crop

Does AI Photo Enhancement Work?

The short answer is ‘yes.’ Here are some thumbnail examples from a friend’s wedding. I tried three different Talents, and each one yielded different yet consistent results.

ImagenAI wedding edit Talent Pastel Colours
Images edited with the Pastel Colours Talent Preset
ImagenAI wedding edit Talent Boho
Images auto edited with the Boho Preset
ImagenAI wedding edit Talent Simply Sublime
Images auto edited with the Simply Sublime Talent preset

Are There Alternatives to ImagenAI?

We are yet to find another software as a direct substitute for outsourcing your editing. There is no need for back and forth emailing to discuss your expectations Only a short amount of post-production time is needed to fine-tune photos. Other programs are visual editors or designed to apply specific processes or effects.

ImagenAI landscape photography edit


I would recommend ImagenAI to any photographer needing to batch process files. To get edited photos in your style with such a short turnaround is incredible. For those of you that have outsourced before—this option is cheaper and quicker. The AI learns your editing style, so you do not have to be a wedding photographer to make good use of it. With that in mind, it would be great to see some Landscape Talent added to the offering.



Very clever – there is nothing else like it

Ease of use {{column-name-2}}: Its not difficult to use, but you need to rate and collate the files into manageable collections {{column-name-3}}: 15
Design {{column-name-2}}: There is no visual browser, so you can’t see if the pictures in your selected catalogue are the right ones. Fairly well laid out but not the most visually engaging. {{column-name-3}}: 5
Price {{column-name-2}}: No one time purchase option, cheap edits but $7 monthly minimum for creative users {{column-name-3}}: 10
Annoying little things {{column-name-2}}: Lightroom needs to be closed for it to work {{column-name-3}}: 6
Compatability {{column-name-2}}: Only works with Lightroom catalogues, it would be great to see availability for Photos, Capture One and Phocus {{column-name-3}}: 2
Personal verdict {{column-name-2}}: As a replacement for outsourcing, this software is outstanding. If you want human interaction or hands on editing its not for you. Could be prettier {{column-name-3}}: 8

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